Frequently Asked Questions

So you have questions? Who doesn't? If you can find your answer, great. If you can't, please contact us. If you ask a good question, we will add it here to help others.

How do I schedule a time to drop my rv off for repairs?
Should I schedule an appointment before i drop off?
Giant RV is quoting 3 months wait times for repairs, how long is SoCals timeline?
Do you require money up front to start a repair?
Do you work with insurance companies and units with extended warranties?
Can you do warranty work on units that are covered under the 1 year manufacturer warranty?
How do I know So Cal RV is the right place to bring my RV for repairs?
Are you state licensed?
What if my RV is ready for pick up but I cant get it for a few days?
Does SoCal RV offer RV storage?
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