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Top RV maintenance apps to help keep your rig in tip-top shape

Maintenance Apps - Man checking his phone inside the RV
Christine Ellis
Christine Ellis
June 4, 2021

RV maintenance seems like a never-ending task, but keeping good records can streamline the process.

The easiest way to log maintenance information, mileage, expenses, and more is to use one or more of the apps below to keep your RV in great shape. The apps consolidate all your essential RV or tow vehicle information and will alert you when it's time to take your motorhome, truck, or travel trailer in for service.

When you stay on top of RV maintenance, you'll help reduce significant repair bills, save on fuel or other expenses, retain RV value, and have proof of care if you decide to sell. Many apps even provide graphs and reports with just the data you want, so let's check them out!

Top RV Maintenance Apps

Maintain My RV‍

Maintain My RV

With Maintain My RV, you'll have a comprehensive system to keep all your RV and tow vehicles vital maintenance and warranty data on one easy-to-follow dashboard.

Set up automatic reminders and email alerts, upload receipts, documents, and photos, track fuel expenditures, build reports, and see at a glance what needs to be done and when.

Membership costs $49 per year.

RV Checklist App (Android)‍

The RV checklist is a free app by Adventure Treks that ensures you don't miss critical steps in your RV maintenance or general upkeep, like checking your roof seals or cleaning waste tanks.

You start with pre-populated forms, and the app lets you customize them for your RV or vehicle's requirements. Once you save your list, you can track your progress by checking off tasks or chores as they occur so you can quickly see what's left to do.

You can import or export lists, reset the checklist when all the tasks are complete, and categorize lists for different duties.


Fuelly App

Fuelly (on iOS) and aCar (on Android) is a free, user-friendly app that lets you input fuel expenses, gas mileage, service charges, and appointment reminders for your motorhome, travel trailer, and tow vehicle.

What's great is the ability to track more than one vehicle, input notes and other data you don't want to misplace, and create custom reports to track your RV's performance.

Ultimate RV Checklist (iOS)‍

The Ultimate RV Checklist gives you pre-made campsite setup and tear-down lists for all types of RVs. You also get a complete winterization checklist which is super helpful.

The app is $1.99 and allows you to create lists, add photos, and enter other pertinent repair or service information. There's even a list for emergency evacuation, so you don't make mistakes that could end in camper damage.

Simply Auto‍

Simply Auto App

Simply Auto is the new version of Fuel Buddy. The free version lets you input data from fuel stops, maintenance services, RV expenses and sets up alerts for important tasks.

You can upgrade to Gold ($4.99) or Premium ($10/yr) versions to gain web-based access to your data, generate customizable reports, and attach fuel or RV service receipts, so it's all in one convenient place.

RV Maintenance App Final Thoughts‍

Using the top RV maintenance apps will alert you when you need to take your camper in for service and is a great way to keep all your camper's expenses, warranties, manuals, and repair data in one place.

When it's time for maintenance, don't rely on just any company for recreational vehicle service or emergency repairs. Instead, call SoCal RV for the best technicians who will get the job done right.

When you keep your RV in great shape with the help of any of the apps above, you can protect your investment and enjoy happy travels!

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