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Top Romantic RV Camping Ideas for Date Night

Romantic RV Camping Ideas - Couple preparing food together
Christine Ellis
Christine Ellis
August 6, 2021

RVing as a couple or with family can get monotonous and strain even the best of relationships.

An excellent way to keep sparks flying between you and your partner is to use the best romantic RV camping ideas below to plan date nights during your travels.

If you think romance and RVs don't belong together, think again!

Best RV Date Night Ideas

1. Stargazing‍

Spread out a blanket in a quiet location away from other RVs, campsites, and street lights. Bring along a couple of pillows so you both can comfortably lay down and study the stars.

Do some research beforehand on what stars or constellations are in your part of the sky, and make wishes on shooting stars.

Better yet, plan the date night when meteor showers or other unusual celestial events are happening for a truly memorable experience.

2. Rise and Shine With the Sun‍

Swap out a date night for a date morning by rising early to watch the sunrise as a couple and bypass the "sunset" crowds.

Scout out potential sites for your rendezvous in the campground or local area where the view will be most spectacular. Starting the day off together will help keep your connection strong all day.

If you're camping with kids, let them sleep and quietly step outside the camper to enjoy the peaceful beauty of the rising sun.

Beforehand, brew up some coffee or tea to bring along and warm your belly and hearts with this simple yet very romantic idea.

3. Create a Scavenger Hunt‍

Bring out your playful side and enjoy laughs with a date night scavenger hunt. Then, up the romance ante by hiding little gifts around your campsite or location with each clue that will show your partner just how much you care.

Write out clues that reference fun events from your dating history to personalize the game. Keep the clue list short, and make the last gift a bottle of favorite wine or a coupon for a massage you can enjoy together after the fun.

Try to coincide finding the last clue with the setting sun to make your date extra memorable.

4. Enjoy a Gourmet Campfire Meal‍

Forget the hot dogs and plan a romantic campfire meal for adults only. The first step is to create a tasting menu that should include some of your favorites along with some new delicacies to try together.

Oysters, grilled avocado slices, scallops, and filet mignon are good options, and you can pick up more ideas quickly with a bit of online research.

Create a signature cocktail to commemorate the date, and don't forget dessert!

5. Explore a New Location‍

Learning about a new place as a couple creates a bonding experience, and RVing allows you to find various locations to explore on date night.

Plan an afternoon of walking around a quaint little town, visit museums or shops, and pick out a unique souvenir. Then, end the day at a quiet bar or restaurant for an evening meal to round out the date and talk about your favorite experiences of the day.

Keep the Date Nights Rolling‍

Do you know what isn't on anyone's romantic RV camping ideas list? Having your motorhome, travel trailer, or fifth wheel break down during your trip.

The best way to avoid mishaps that leave all your camping guests frustrated is to follow an RV maintenance schedule.

When you know what and when to service RV components and appliances or motorhome engines, you'll be on your way to seasons of camping fun and hopefully some chances for romance as well!

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