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No Privacy: Top Challenges for RV Families

RV Challenges for Families - Family in an RV
Christine Ellis
Christine Ellis
July 9, 2021

Are you planning a family RV road trip this summer, or want to full-time with your kids?

RVing with kids can be challenging, but it becomes easier to manage when you know what to expect. Problems like lack of privacy or rainy-day distractions can quickly become frustrating when you don't know how to deal with them effectively.

To help you learn how to overcome the top challenges RV families face and get advice on handling camping with kids, stay right here.

RVing is an excellent learning and bonding experience for families, so don't let a few challenges prevent you from making the most of every camping adventure!

5 Top Challenges for RV Families

1. Privacy and Personal Space‍

Family sitting together inside an RV

The only way to lower aggravation inside any size RV is to create a space that's off-limits to others. Find a place for each individual to have quiet time and hold personal belongings.

Even putting up a DIY curtain around a bunk or couch can do wonders to ease the too-close-for-comfort strain. If your camper has a private bedroom, set aside 30 minutes or so daily for each family member to have time alone to decompress.

2. Meeting People and Forming Friendships‍

Most RVing kids and adults find it easy to make new friends at campgrounds, but forming long-term attachments is more complicated.

If you plan to travel often, consider trips that revolve around visiting far-off relatives, which will reinforce family bonds.

One family has an invite-only online friends group through Facebook where kids and adults can keep in touch, compare travel adventures, and see when trips may include meeting up again in person.

3. Schooling on the Road‍

Kids bored inside an RV

RVing trips don't always coincide with school breaks. Therefore, keeping up with school work or home-schooling schedules is imperative to keep learning on track.

Do have a reliable Wi-Fi hotspot so kids can connect tablets or laptops to complete assignments, as campground internet is sketchy at best. Try to keep a schedule for schoolwork that works with your camping style so you can enjoy a balance between fun and learning.

4. Combating Monotony‍

Yes, even RVing can get monotonous. Combat this issue by letting each family member set the plans for a day or an entire trip to a place that excites them but remains inside your camping budget.

Make it a rule older kids must research the area, find the campground, and plan activities. When each person has a say, they'll be much happier campers!

5. Bad Weather‍

RV going through a flooded street

Severe weather inside any recreational vehicle can be scary and dangerous, so keeping your family safe is a priority. Issues include normal rains, excessive heat, or cold snaps, pushing the family inside the camper.

Please keep watch on the weather and pre-plan an escape route or place to move your RV if dangerous weather systems are approaching.

Create a family plan so each member knows what to store or batten down around the RV before bad weather hits. Then, once inside, have an activity bin full of snacks, books, games, or crafts for "emergency" use only.

Final Thoughts for RVing Families‍

RV families get to experience history and nature with hands-on experiences you can never get from a book or classroom.

One of the lesser-known top challenges for RV families is unexpected breakdowns that throw all your camping plans off track.

To reduce the chance of trip delays, take your camper in for expert RV repair services in Corona, CA, or receive a clean bill of health with a maintenance check-up so you can travel stress-free!

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