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Kid-Friendly RVing Activities to Keep Kids Entertained

Kids in an RV - Kid-Friendly RVing Activities
Christine Ellis
Christine Ellis
May 7, 2021

Are you in desperate need of kid-friendly RVing activities to keep children entertained during travel days or when stuck inside the RV due to inclement weather?

Keeping kids occupied and happy during family camping trips creates excellent memories and keeps parents sane. Make your RVing vacations as enjoyable as possible with these five kid-friendly RVing activities!

Top 5 Kid-Friendly RVing Activities

1. Card Games‍

Pile of Uno cards

Card games are always a hit with kids and adults on any RVing trip. Consider branching out from your regular games to keep things fresh, but younger kids love:

  1. Crazy Eights
  2. Go Fish
  3. Old Maid

Older kids love:

  1. UNO
  2. Skip-Bo
  3. Spoons
  4. Spades

Teens and adults will enjoy:

  1. Cards Against Humanity
  2. Rummy
  3. Oregon Trail Card Game
  4. Unstable Unicorns

2. Board or Dice Games‍

Board game pieces and dices

Board games provide hours of distraction for kids, but they need to withstand travel days. Games with free-floating playing pieces can easily move with the bumps and vibration while driving, causing frustration and even bouts of tears with younger kids. Games like Connect Four or Battleship keep the playing pieces contained to help reduce meltdowns.

Games like Yahtzee, Farkle, or Boggle that use dice are easy to control and fun to play. Boggle is an excellent brain-building game that will have the whole family scrambling to develop words from the random letter combinations.

3. Digital Multi-Player Games‍

Keeping the peace during long RV road trips may mean you need to pull out the tablet (yes, keep it hidden until you need it!) or smartphone and let the kids pick out game apps made explicitly for multi-players.

Let the kids battle it out for the top score while learning some patience while waiting for their next turn. Many allow up to six players to engage at once. The top choices are:

  1. Red Hands
  2. Challenge Your Friends 2Player
  3. Glow Hockey

4. Coloring or Art‍

Kids and adults of all ages can decompress while expressing their artistic point-of-view by breaking out the coloring books or sketch pads and filling up a couple of hours. A great idea is to ask each family member to make a drawing of your current RVing location as a keepsake to add to your travel diary.

Adult coloring books are more interesting for teens and adults, but everyone can love a good kids' version full of favorite cartoon characters. Keep a stash of new books, clean sketch pads, and various crayons, markers, and other coloring supplies on hand for when kids begin to get a bit bored.

5. Cornhole‍


Cornhole does not need to be a strictly outdoor activity. Mix up the monotony of a long day stuck inside the camper by breaking out a mini-version of the game and let the kids test their hand and eye coordination. The rules are simple, and even small kids can follow along.

You may want to bypass this game while driving a motorhome, as wayward bean bags may cause a dangerous distraction, but most campers do have enough space inside to set up the game. You can make a small cornhole set as a family before your trip or purchase mini versions online.

‍Happy Kids Mean Happy Parents‍

RVing with kids creates wonderful family-bonding moments and memories that last a lifetime. When you have kid-friendly activities ready at your fingertips to offset RV trip boredom, everyone will have a great time.

To keep the family adventures rolling, don't forget to stop in at SoCal RV for expert RV repairs or service to ensure your camper is ready for another season of travel!

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