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Best RV Trip Planner Apps to Keep You on the Road

Traveler woman using her phone - Trip Planning Apps
Christine Ellis
Christine Ellis
May 21, 2021

RV road trips require special planning that includes easy-access gas stations, roads safe for large RV passage, and of course, the best campgrounds and attractions both at and en route to your destination.

The easiest way to have all this information and more is to use the best RV trip planner apps, which we share below. The apps are available for iOS and Android and can help you streamline your RV adventures.

Come along and check out these best trip planner apps for RVs, and see how they can save you money, time, and stress during your next adventure!

Best RV Trip Planner Apps


Roadtrippers App

RVers love the Roadtrippers App for the user-friendly features that make trip planning a breeze. Type in your destination and let the app tell you the best route along with every point of interest along the way.

If you see something you want to check out, just tap the icon, and the app will adjust your route accordingly. The app also features:

  1. Fuel stops and cost estimations
  2. Cultural Activities
  3. Natural wonders and parks
  4. Customer reviews for points of interest
  5. Turn-by-turn navigation

The Roadtrippers app is available for desktop, Android, and iOS.


GasBuddy App

GasBuddy is a free app that quickly locates the gas stations nearest you and lists fuel pricing so you can save the most money on your RV fill-up.

The app also helps you estimate the entire round-trip fuel costs of your trip, so you can see which routes are the most affordable.

The GasBuddy app is available for Android and iOS.

Roadside America‍

When you use the Roadside America travel planning app, you're sure to have an unforgettable RVing experience from America's roadside attractions and oddities specialist.

The app covers mapping for the US Canada with over 15,000 points of interest for fun side trips, route suggestions, attraction information, photos, reviews, off-line access to driving directions, and more.

The Roadside America app is only available for iOS 12.3 or higher.

The Dyrt‍

The Dyrt App

The Dyrt travel planning app for Android and iOS highlights campground locations on your route, ratings and reviews from guests, free campsite locations, off-line access to travel info, and discounts on camping gear.

The app offers helpful links to camping and travel information and a forum for users to interact with camping issues and questions.

KOA Camping‍

The KOA Camping trip planning app is ideal for all RVers, not just those who are members of the KOA Rewards app. The app covers a comprehensive list of benefits that include:

  1. KOA campground locations
  2. Navigation routes
  3. Emergency alerts
  4. Campground filters such as pool/bike rentals/activities
  5. Off-line access to travel information
  6. Local attraction information
  7. Campsite bookings

The app's emergency alerts can save you stress and time by notifying you instantly of road closures, severe weather, and other dangers at your KOA destination campground.

The KOA Camping app is available for Android and iOS.

Travel Apps and RV Planning Go Hand-In-Hand‍

Now that you have the best RV trip planner apps downloaded, you can venture out on all your camping journeys knowing you have the tools to save money on gas, locate and book the best campgrounds, and experience popular and off-the-beaten-path local attractions.

Before embarking on any road trip, the last order of business is to book an appointment for RV repair services in Corona, CA. When you have your RV taken care of by experts in recreational vehicle repair, you can ensure your rig is in top condition to reach your destination safely!

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